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How Now Alchemy came to be

“We are the elements, you and me. Spawn from the earth. We are the substance of everything. Brothers and sisters, we are the same thing. No matter what your beliefs, we are part of the same dream. ” ~Archer Love

You will experience the integrity of Now Alchemy when you begin taking this Ormus. From start to you, Now Alchemy utilizes attention to detail and practices the abundance principles in using the highest quality constituents to bring you the absolute best Ormus available. Now Alchemy Ormus, unlike other Ormus available, actually contains white powder gold derived from 24k gold. Utilizing the most sacred waters, crystals, and technologies, this Ormus carries with it an essence of purity and abundance that can not be replicated. As a teenager, Archer Love joined the United States Air Force where he became a munitions specialist. Archer began developing symptoms of depression, PTSD, and anxiety, which lead to several new awakenings and an increased focus on natural medicines that could be used to heal himself and help others become their greatest versions too. At the University of Arizona he studied Chemistry, Psychology and conducted University funded research projects on Reiki energy healing and Parkinson’s Disease. After graduating, he studied Chinese Medicines, Ayurveda, yoga and travelled the world in search of natural healing modalities for PTSD and anxiety. He experienced many great medicines, but when he was synchronistically introduced to an ancient form of alchemy known as Ormus he had such incredible results that he found the greatest joy in sharing it with others. And that is how Now Alchemy began. Archer became passionate about creating the most pure and high vibration sacred Ormus available. He created Now Alchemy to inspire happiness and freedom by giving you an incredible mineral product that puts the mind at ease and awakens your body. Archer Love’s vision for Now Alchemy Ormus is to help you become your greatest version of self. You can rest assured that you are getting the best quality of Ormus here, as Archer bridges the gap between the East and the West; with a meticulous eye for detail gained in Western chemistry studies and military training, as well as an awareness of the consciousness and energy gained in eastern alchemical and spiritual practices. You can be sure there is no other Ormus like this.