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Now Alchemy nano-CBD (250mg per bottle)

(Organic, full-spectrum, water suspended, hemp derived, zero THC)

Stress and fatigue can be a thing of the past. Now Alchemy CBD is truly transcendent.

Water suspended:

This nano-sized CBD is not a water soluble oil, like the current trending nano-sized CBD available, and it is far more beneficial. Just 25mg of our CBD is more beneficial than 2,500mg  of the oil based CBDs. Water suspended means that 100% of this CBD is absorbed into the cell. While an oil based CBD is 2,000 nano-meters in size the human nuclear pore is only 50 nan0 meters, and a cell can not absorb a particle larger than itself. Therefore, by using a special technology to decrease the particle size of our CBD to 20-30 nano meters you are able to fully utilize all of the CBD we offer you per serving. With a water soluble oil you will utilize about 1/10 of the CBD they offer per serving and with an oil CBD that is not water soluble in order to absorb any of the CBD the oil first needs to move into the intestine and be digested, throughout that process you will lose nearly all of the CBD offered per serving. A water soluble oil is much better than a regular oil, but it is not nearly as beneficial as a water suspended CBD like the one we are offering. With Now Alchemy CBD you absorb it all right into your blood stream, right away.  Our CBD absorbs into your blood as quickly as the water that carries it.

Full Spectrum:

Our CBD is also full spectrum as apposed to the isolated CBDs you may have experienced in the past. Using an isolated CBD rather than a full-spectrum CBD is like taking an isolated vitamin without the enzymes needed to assimilate it  instead of a food based vitamin that comes with all of the enzymes needed to activate it’s function within the body. Our CBD is full-spectrum, meaning it comes with all of the natural terpenes present in the hemp plant, making it fully functional and operational within your body.


We simply would not give you a non-organic CBD, because that’s just unnatural…

Zero THC:

Our CBD is derived from the ultra healing Hemp plant and has zero THC in it. This is extremely important because it means you can use our CBD anywhere, anytime, without worrying about any psychoactive effects of THC. Our CBD will increase your sense of well-being, and heighten you, but it will not make you high like Cannabis derived CBDs will.


Even while we use advanced technology to provide you with the absolute best CBD available, it is our intent to make this CBD affordable to everyone.

Some of the most commonly reported benefits are:



-more energy without feelings stimulated or jittery

-positive thoughts

-calming to the nervous system

-Alleviation of depression, anxiety and addictive thoughts and behaviors

-cognitive enhancement

-energizing(authentically raises your vibration)

-More confidence and will power

-immune system booster

-increased feelings of safety, happiness and well being

-greater focus and artistic creativity

-less procrastination

-easier time connecting with people

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