*Vegan – Organic – Pet friendly – Not tested on animals – No artificial flavors – No preservatives*

All of our Ormus products will help to balance the mind, energy, and chakras, as well as raising your vibration and increasing your manifestation potential, confidence and sense of pleasure out of life. However, we also offer Ormus charged with specific plant and crystal essences to give them different chakra activating qualities. The Pure Ormus is great for everyone, but you may also enjoy the frequencies of our other options. May your intent be manifest and your higher self be nourished.

While setting your positive intent, focus not on the words or on asking, but rather on what the picture of the reality of your intent coming true looks like. Now that you have seen it, know it is going to happen, and let Ormus boost your energy and your focus for taking the necessary steps of action prepare for all of these good things coming while remaining open to receiving them. Visualize your target, know it is going to happen(if it’s meant to), and start preparing for it now! -Archer Love

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