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 “The Food of the Gods.”

Ormus is an ancient form of alchemy primarily used to open the third eye and activate higher dormant strands of DNA.

Ormus can come from ocean water, river water, soil and volcanic ashes, the skins and seeds of raw fruits and vegetables, and also from the platinum group metals themselves. Now Alchemy Ormus is different from the rest in that while most Ormus is just the oceanic extract, Now Alchemy Ormus is the combination of both Monatomic Gold and Ormus extracted from two oceanic sources; the Dead Sea and the Himalayan Sea. This gives our Ormus it’s subtle yet powerful quality. Ormus has been called nourishment for the light body as well as, “The food of the Gods”. It raises your vibration by nourishing your light body. The physical body, as a manifestation of the light body, responds to this nourishment in a vast range of healthy, beneficial ways, depending on the individual needs of those using the Ormus. In this way, Ormus is like “Liquid Yoga”. People call it “The food of the Gods” because it activates and opens your third eye, scientifically known as the Pineal Gland. This increases psychic, telepathic, empathic and clairvoyant abilities. In raising your vibration, Ormus makes you less susceptible to lower vibrational thoughts such as worry, grief, fear, jealousy and lack. You should use Ormus on a daily basis. It is more important now than ever that Ormus is used as a daily addition to one’s nutritional regimen, because soil no longer contains Ormus like it used to. Nor do the foods we eat, or the waters we drink. Give Ormus some time to work. You can put it in your water, or even in your food. It should be used daily and as above so below, your external environment will begin to shift to match the increase in vibration of your internal environment. 

The first documented use of Ormus dates back to Lemuria, where it was made by the high priests and fed to the Kings who lived far beyond what would be considered a normal human life expectancy. Then a similar process is documented throughout Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. King Solomon also made Ormus in 950 BC with the same process used by Now Alchemy, as well as Jesus Christ, a member of the Essene Brotherhood, who lived in the dessert and practiced voluntary detachment of all material things and celibacy. using Ormus was a regular part of the Essene lifestyle. Ormus is an alchemically collected 4th dimensional substance that occurs in nature. The term Ormus comes from Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements and was coined by David Hudson, a farmer who discovered this substance’s vibrational characteristics in his soil and invested millions of dollars into research concluding that an element can exist in its Ormus state, i.e. Ormus Gold, Ormus Silver, Ormus Copper, Ormus Palladium, ect. Ormus elements can be of metals, such as gold, but they do not exist in their metal state, which would be toxic to the body, but rather in their m-state form, which is bio-available and actually magnificently beneficial to the body in numerous regenerative ways, all pertaining specifically to that element. David Hudson’s research further concluded that the Ormus substances are not technically monatomic, but similar in that they do not exist in large clusters such as mineral forms of these elements do. Rather than micro-clusters of metal to metal bonds Ormus elements exist in a cooper paring relationship. an Ormus element is a super-conducting element in a class all on it’s own, separate from the periodic table. This is a high-spin state of elements and has more accurately been termed, m-state elements, but still widely referred to as Ormus, or monatomic elements. Since the exciting findings of David Hudson, many other modern researchers have taken stride in studying the regenerative Ormus substances. One of which is a man named David Wolfe, who’s team of researchers concluded that m-state gold, otherwise known as Ormus Gold, has the following benefits:

Why Choose Now Alchemy Ormus:

If you have tried Ormus before you may have noticed a very salty taste. This would tell you the Ormus has not been filtered properly and is not in it’s pure state and is diluted by sodium. Now Alchemy uses a proprietary technique of filtering this Ormus that allows for it’s unique purity and potency. Now Alchemy begins with an ancient and well known method for collecting Ormus known as the “Milk & Honey”. This technique is most beneficial for the yield of monoatomic gold and other alchemically healing Dead Sea energies. Now Alchemy also uses the Egyptian method of collection, which is slightly different, and combines the two for a most potent and sacred Ormus product. Now Alchemy’s proprietary filtration method allows your body to accept the m-state elements without triggering a defense response as it would with a salt water flush, and passing the elements through your body unabsorbed. Ormus is an exciting discovery and there is no time better than now to introduce these special minerals into your world because the soils are now over-cropped and less concentrated in these natural elements and minerals than every before.


How Do I Take Ormus?

Because our Ormus is very concentrated, start with just one full dropper, sublingually or swishing it around in your mouth before swallowing, twice per day. You can also put it in your coffee, mix it with a little bit of water & lemon or add it to your food. You can gradually start to use more as you become more comfortable with it. You can use it every day and multiple times a day, or you can simply use it before meditations, meetings, or practice.

Does your Ormus have an expiration date?

No. It is pure & non-perishable.

Is Ormus addictive?

No. Ormus is not addictive, but actually will help people break addictions.

Are there any negative side effects?


How long does it take to notice the effects of Ormus?

The experience is different for everyone. Many factors determine how long it will take for you to notice the effects of Ormus, but the usual feedback is between the first usage and the first two weeks, and the effects increase over time with daily use. listed Now Alchemy as a top Ormus provider. To read more information on Ormus studies you may visit their website.