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Can Ormus Help With Neurological Dissorders?

Low levels of Magnesium in the bio-absorptive are linked to a slew of neurological dissorders. Here is why. It plays a key role in nerve transmission and neuromuscular conduction. This means, cellular communication. It also protects against exitotoxictiy, which cellular death due to excessive nerve excitation.   

Magnesium hydroxide, which is naturally occurring as "brucite" and found in antacids such as Milk of Magnesia, contain the ideal form of Magnesium. But here is the cool thing, for thousands of years spiritual groups such as "The Essene", which Jesus was a member of, have extraction this magnesium from the Dead Sea for thousands of years. And it is not the magnesium alone, but also every other mineral and monatomic element present in the Dead Sea. They called this elixir, the "Elixir of Life" and used it often while fasting for long periods of time. 


During a fast your body activates a system called autophagy, which is the process of shuttling cellular junk out of the body. This is how your body stays young and vital, and is also why intermittent fasting is so important. Taking Now Alchemy Ormus during fasting magnifies and supports the process of autophagy immensely. And the naturally occurring, Dead Sea derived Magnesium content in Now Alchemy Ormus is part of why it helps so much. 
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