How To Overcome Anxiety

How To Overcome Anxiety

Using Ormus Gold to clear anxiety

Recently more people are telling me anxiety is their struggle. With a background in psychology and shamanism, and having overcome anxiety and PTSD myself, I’ll share my perspective on the topic if I may. In my book, Lucid Living, I say “Anxiety is the universe tapping you on the shoulder trying to tell you something in your life needs to change.” The more clear your pineal gland is, which Now Alchemy Ormus Gold helps with, the more easily you can see that change that is needed. Maybe there is a food you shouldn’t be eating, a job you shouldn’t be working, a person you shouldn’t be dating -OR- maybe it’s jot that you should end these things and more, but that you should simply change your approach to them… the only constant in life is change. Change is the only guarantee we have here. Even death is simply a change; a state change. So the more resistant you are to change(a.k.a. attached to control), the more anxiety you will feel.

Becoming more present

Overly attaching to the future also pulls you out of the present moment; which results in anxiety if your mind is writing negative stories instead of a positive stories. And then there are genetics. Some people are predisposed to anxiety by design. For this Now Alchemy ormus gold contains gold and magnesium which support the theta brain state and balance the nervous system. It also happens to be 25% off at right now! 


And stillness can rewire your brain and nervous system, transcending genetics. Remember, you always have the option to just sit, breath, and become everything and nothing in an instant be detaching from your mind. When you do this your heart rate aligns with your breathing and the nervous system calms down. The last thing you want to do is react out of anxiety; this is how sabotage happens. Stay present, even in the eye of a storm.

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