The Most Important Ormus Benefits Known to Mankind Since Antiquity

Many people are looking for the best supplements to counteract the negative effects of modern life: stress and a diet based on overly-processed foods and vegetables grown in pesticide-laden soil. If you are really looking for a precious supplement that can reverse the negative effects of modern life, our answer is ormus.

You may wonder what it is and what the ormus benefits are for you. It is not a modern invention of man, but a gift of Mother Nature, known to man since ancient times. Ormus is an acronym for “orbitally rearranged monatomic elements.” Monatomic elements are, in general, precious metals, such as: gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. 

So, apart from the fact that they are very expensive, what is special about these metals and why do we recommend you to take them by mouth in the form of ormus? These metals do not bind together at atomic level. Their structure is that of singular atoms, which are chemically inert, thus, safe for ingestion. However, the atoms in gold ormus (monatomic gold) communicate with each other by passing energy from one to the next without actually touching.

Ormus Effects on the Human Body

Monoatomic gold benefits were known to ancient people such as the Egyptians and even the legendary King Solomon. They used to source their ormus from the Dead Sea (one of the most unique places on Earth) and this is where we also source gold ormus.

The fact that the high-spin singular atoms in ormus can pass energy without actual contact from one another makes this substance a superconductor which can:

  • Boost energy levels in your body
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Speed up the transmission of signals from the brain to the body through the nervous system

Moreover, gold is one of the substances easily absorbed and utilized by the body. In our normal states, each of us have around 5% ormus in our brain. By taking monatomic gold supplements, you are actually boosting the effects of one of the most beneficial substances naturally found in living organisms.

Monatomic gold capsules can help repair DNA structures and mitigate the symptoms of many autoimmune diseases.

Let us look at some of the least known and most beneficial ormus effects on the human body:

Immunity Boost

Scientific studies on the effect of metals such as gold and silver on human cells found something extremely interesting: these precious metals can neutralize immune system antigens. These are the villains that try to compromise our immune system and leave us weak and exposed to viruses and bacteria.

With a stronger immune system boosted by ormus you are capable of fighting potential infections and viral diseases. Moreover, one of the related ormus benefits is that it can help reduce the symptoms of many autoimmune conditions.

These are cases where the immune system attacks cells in the human body, considering them as dangerous. And a team of researchers at Harvard Medical School found out that one of these autoimmune diseases – rheumatoid arthritis – responds to treatments involving gold. Thus, by choosing all-natural monatomic gold elixirs, many people can enjoy an improved quality of life by having a stronger immune system and mitigating the symptoms of autoimmune disorders.

Repairing the DNA Structure

One of the most complex ormus effects on human body is fixing and strengthening the very fabric of our beings: the DNA structure. DNA is the full set of instructions used to make us from the first moments of our existence as embryos.

Your height, hair and eye color, blood group and every other physical trait is coded in the DNA. And part of these traits will be passed on to your own children. However, there are situations when DNA structures are damaged, either at the moment of conception or later in life.

Ormus can penetrate these structures and repair them, or even correct errors in DNA structures. This can have a powerful positive impact on a person’s chances of recovery from injuries and illnesses, as well as being free from other potential illnesses in the future.

Preventing Food Cravings

Poor quality in our food is supplemented by excess eating. Craving food means that your body did not receive its proper amount of nutrients. However, what most people do is continue to eat overly processed food. Their bodies are still not properly nourished, but they accumulate fat deposits.

One of the most significant monoatomic gold benefits is that it is highly nutritious and regulates our metabolism. Taking all-natural ormus elixirs will help you reduce the quantity of food you ingest because food cravings disappear. You will be properly nourished and may even start losing weight, as well.

Delaying the Signs of Aging

Ancient Egyptians used gold ormus directly onto their skins to fight off the signs of aging. The skin would glow and look tighter and more youthful very soon after the first application. We believe that taking monatomic gold in the form of organic elixirs is even more beneficial.

You can enjoy the ormus benefits both outside and inside your body. Anti-aging care should not concern only the skin, but also the condition and proper functioning of the rest of your body.

One of the ormus effects on the human body is a major boost in energy levels and vitality in general.

Try Organic Ormus Elixirs and Discover Its Benefits

At New Alchemy, we source ormus from the Dead Sea, one of the best places on this planet to harvest this valuable substance. We manufacture and package each product in-house and we are focused on infusing them with our positive vibrations, as well.

Our company is based in Austin, Texas and we are more than happy to tell you more about ormus benefits, so contact us today.

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