What is Ormus?

Ormus is a special state of matter that has been shown throughout history to awaken the divine self within, activate the body's anti-aging capabilities, and is known to some as "The Philosopher's Stone", the "Fountain of Youth", and "Manna".  

Is Ormus actually Gold?

Ormus can be Gold, but not always. Now Alchemy Ormus is actually made from real, 24K Gold, but nearly every other company that sell Ormus do not make it themselves, do not know how it is made, and according to certificate of analysis are not made with actual gold.

Is Ormus Safe for children, pregnant, and breast feeding women?

Now Alchemy Ormus is completely safe for children, pregnant and breast feeding women. Children need much less than adults, like one drop. While a lot of the Ormus on the market has unsafe amounts of heavy metals, and is not tested for purity, Now Alchemy tests all elixirs for safety, and makes all elixirs in-house with the highest standards of integrity. 

What makes Now Alchemy Ormus different?

INTEGRITY: Now Alchemy Ormus is made with actual 24K Gold. Even though other companies claim to have gold in their Ormus, under a certificate of analysis you can see they actually do not. This is one of the reasons our founder created Now Alchemy, to bring people Ormus with actual gold that they could really trust.
PURITY: Now Alchemy meticulously washes Ormus to remove any particles that may be harmful to the body.  This purity is felt and even tasted amongst Ormus uses who passionately confirm that Now Alchemy sets the bar in Ormus quality. 
POTENCY: Now Alchemy has two Ormus options. One which contains gold and every mineral extracted from the Dead Sea. And the second, Ormus Plus, also contains Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Copper, Ruthenium and Iridium. These super conductive elements in monoatomic form are known to have incredible healing, ascending, and awakening qualities. 

LOW COST: Because Now Alchemy makes everything in-house, you do not have to pay extra for a supply chain. This is why customers really feel the Now Alchemy difference, because our formulas are strong and we do not cut corners to save pennies. Now Alchemy goes above and beyond to bring you proportions that you can truly feel so you can truly heal. For other companies to make the same quality of formulas as Now Alchemy would cost 5-10 times as much.

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