Testosterone Benefits Also

Studies published in IMCJ prove that low testosterone in women can cause weight gain, lethargy, fatigue, depression, low sex drive and more. 

But the common misconception is that testosterone is only needed for men. This could not be further from the truth. 

And it is not just testosterone you want to manage, but FREE testosterone. Free testosterone is the unbound testosterone that is bio-available. According to peer reviewed studies published in NCBI one of the most natural and effective ways to free your testosterone is with boron supplementation, and certificates of analysis show that Now Alchemy Ormus has naturally occurring boron from the Dead Sea, in the ideal form for your body to absorb and assimilate it. 

Ormus has been called the elixir of youth, and for many reasons. It has every mineral the body needs and then some. If you feel you may be experiencing complications related to low testosterone, try using 3 dropper fulls of Now Alchemy Ormus 3 times per day; morning, mid-day and night. Some of the best indicators of an increase in available testosterone will be energy, confidence, stamina, strength, libido, focus, motivation, and more restful sleep. And of course, it's a great idea to get a blood panel done before and after to track your success.

If you notice any of these positive changes from Ormus use, feel free to leave a positive review on our site or post a social media review that we can repost :) We love sharing your positive experiences with the rest of our community!  

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