Egyptian Blue, Pink and White Lotus

In Egyptian alchemy and herbology the white lotus(Nymphaea lotus) and blue lotus(Nymphaea caerulea) where commonly used as they were native to Kemet or what we now called Egypt. Eventually a third component of lotus alchemy was introduced by the Persians which was pink lotus and all three have been depicted in Egyptian iconography and hieroglyphics. Like with all plant essences the effects always seem to have some ethereal/non- physical aspect and with the lotus/water Lilly essences they seem to invoke the energy of water and fire within the consumer.

This can be better understood in terms of emotional energy correlating with our water signature such as empathy, compassion, intuition, etc. And fire having to do with initiative, excitement, and action. Some of the clinical uses of the lotus plants and it’s constituents include hepatoprotection(liver protection), immunomodulation(immune system balance), protection against infectious pathogens(specifically strings of fungal infections), positive effects on libido(sexual virility), thermogenesis(fat metabolism), diabetic conditions, reducing long standing allergies, and supporting to increase cognitive capabilities.