Frankincense is well documented for it’s variety of health benefits and longevity enhancing properties. It is considered a cytophylactic, which means that frankincense oil promotes the regeneration of healthy cells and helps to maintain existing cells and tissues of the body. Frankincense oils is known to help accelerate the healing of scars and other skin issues such as acne, boils, and stretch marks. There is some scientific evidence that this oil can be used topically and internally for skin cancer and more commonly used for breast cancer.

It seems to help in slowing down the spread of cancer cells so the immune system can get a better handle on them. Another interesting benefit of frankincense is that is acts as a tonic or a holistic herb. In herbalism a tonic is something that works on multiple systems of the body, not just working on one organ by itself. It seems to help tonify or strengthen the holistic systems of the body including the nervous system, immune system, endocrine system, respiratory system, digestive system, and excretory systems(elimination).