Jasmine essential oil is a very famous remedy that is extracted from the jasmine flower. One of the most common associations for jasmine is it’s proclivity to romance and sensuality. It embodies a very feminine qualitative energy and infuses a bit of a poetic energy into those who use it. As for the health benefits of jasmine it includes being protective against all forms of pathogenic infections such as bacterial, fungal, microbial, germs, and viral. It is well known to be antiseptic which allows it to protect against open wounds becoming infected. It is also known to protect against respiratory infections and reducing coughs and colds.

Jasmine has aphrodisiac qualities which should not be surprising due to it’s romantic essence and has been known to help enhance libido and feelings of sexual desire. There is also documented anti-depression benefits jasmine exhibits due to it’s uplifting effect and generally helps people become happier and more inspired. The essential oil and aromatic use of jasmine is well correlated with the creative process of many musicians, writers, and poets.