Juniper is often called Juniper berries, but not actually a berry at all, is often administered as an essential oil and has been used historically as a folk remedy for many common issues including bacterial and fungal infections as well as skin rashes, vitiligo, and eczema to name a few. Juniper has been studied for it’s antioxidant compounds called bioflavonoids which protect against oxidative stress which lowers immune function and lowers our longevity potential.

It has been discovered that juniper helps the body produce a super antioxidant called super oxide dismutase which is a type of enzyme that is held as one of the primary compounds that supports longevity and healing. Studies indicate that juniper essential oil can be supportive with getting better quality sleep and relax. There is also good evidence that it is helpful for diabetics for reducing high blood sugar. There are tons of more documented benefits that support holistic health and more being discovered.