The essential oils that are steam distilled from the lavender plant are one of the most commonly used and revered therapeutic oils in the world. Lavender is famous for it’s effects on relaxation and helping to reduce all forms of anxiousness, stress, and distress one may be experiencing. The use of lavender as a medicine and a fragrance dates all the way back into ancient times of Greece, Persia, Romania, and Egypt.

Lavender is wound protective and always good to have on hand in case of cuts, burns, or bruises. It helps to increase blood circulation when one has bruised skin. It also seems to help boost the synthesis of collagen in the skin. It has been used often as a respiratory support agent and is effective for any many of throat infections, coughs, sinus congestion/infections, flu’s, and overall respiratory tract health. It seems to also be neurologically supportive according to one study published in 2014 in Brain Research where it was confirmed as Neuroprotective due to it’s effects on reducing oxidative stress.