In the world of essential oils and flower essences there is no more prized and revered flower than rose. It is literally legendary and holds the highest price per concentration of any essential oil on the market due to it’s potency, rarity, and allure. Although known for it’s beauty, rose was historically grown for it’s health benefits than it was for it’s ascetic beauty in one’s garden. The documented and alleged benefits of rose are vast and include anti-depression, anti-spasm, anti- inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic, pro- aphrodisiac, pro-relaxant, pro-hepatic(liver supportive), pro- laxative, and soothes the nervous system. The rose is such an iconic and integral image in our global culture, even those who have no clue about it’s benefits still associate it to a sense of purity, sensuality, and love. This also has to with what is known in alchemy/herbalism circles as the doctrine of signatures which teaches that a plant or animal food denotes it’s benefits based on it’s shape, it’s smell, it’s appearance, how it animates itself, and the climatic environment it thrives best in.