Nirvana Nano-Enhanced CBD • 24K Gold Ormus • Kava Kava • Ashwaganda • Curcumin (from turmeric) • Piperine (from black pepper) Nano-Enhanced CBD HISTORY It should come as no surprise that general awareness and understanding of Nanoenhanced CBD is still in its early stages. After all, the notion of CBD as a therapeutic”

To “Ayurveda is the study of all natural healing remedies from India. All with the purpose of balancing, uplifting and healing the mind, body and soul. Now Alchemy Nirvana is a highly advanced formulation of the most beneficial ayurvedic herbs and remedies in the world, all in one. Formulated for anxiety, inflammation, pain and stress relief, Nirvana works to bring our your inner most zen so that you can function at your absolute best.

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While Ashitaba is indigenous to Japan, due to the repercussions of the Fukushima Nuclear Tragedy, we source our Ashitaba from small organic farms in Taiwan. These test as clean-source and no harmful radiation levels have been detected.