Now Alchemy is an organic nutraceutical company, based in Austin Texas, merging ancient alchemy with advanced technology to bring you the world's greatest health enhancing elixirs. Archer Love, an alchemist and spirit psychologist, created Now Alchemy in 2014 to bring the world natural remedies that work on all three realms; mind, body and soul. Today that is exactly what Now Alchemy is doing, with formulas to help with a wide variety of things such as ADHD, cancer, viruses, libido, athletic performance, brain function, detox and even the enhancement of one's vibration, presence and manifesting abilities, Now Alchemy addresses the holy trinity with each bottle so that you can optimize your potential and live out your true purpose in a thriving state. Now Alchemy believes that abundance and health is everyone's birthright, but you must claim your birthright with the things you think, do and put into your body. Now Alchemy is honored to support you along your journey with precious, potent alchemical elixirs. 
With every bottle of Now Alchemy, you are not only investing in your health, you are also investing in a world that supports biodynamic, organic, conscious, high vibrational wellness enhancements made with integrity from seed to bottle. Now Alchemy is a family, not a business, and we thank you for being here.