Featured Media

Shaman Durek Interviews Archer Love

Ancient Wisdom Today Podcast | November 17, 2019

Shaman Durek interviews Now Alchemy's Archer Love about the miraculous benefits of his line of natural elixirs.


4x Emmy Award Winning Journalist Frank Elaridi interviews Archer Love

Modern Nirvana Channel | December 17, 2019

Frank Elaridi joins Archer Love in the Now Alchemy laboratory to talk about the magical history of Ormus Gold.

Demi Lovato Instagram Live with Archer Love

In Depth on Immune Boosters| March 24, 2020

TV personality and popular vocalist Devi Lovato talks with Archer Love on Instagram about the miraculous benefits of his line of Now Alchemy elixirs.

Infinite Waters Features Archer Love

Don't Hate... Meditate | January 11, 2016

How to meditate with Ormus.

Soul-Share with 5D Alchemist and Ormus Aficionado, Archer Love

Positive Head Podcast | October 30, 2019

Archer Love, aka the Orums King, is the founder of Now Alchemy which merges ancient alchemy with advanced technology. In this magical soul-share, Brandon and Archer talk about the various elements, effects, and components of potions Archer has created. They also discuss the ideas of jumping timelines while encountering giant butterflies, letting go of what we think is possible and realizing that anything and everything is actually possible.