Ancient Beauty Hack

Ancient Beauty Hack



The imperial concubine of China, Yang Guifei, who lived from 719 to 756 BCE, was said to be the most beautiful woman in Chinese history. Legend has it that when asked what her secret to beauty was, she replied the Tremella mushroom. In China Tremella mushrooms are still used to enhance beauty for both men and women, and it is claimed that if eaten, the mushrooms will contribute to a long and unblemished life.


Tremella has been used to help people with:

  1. Beauty enhancement 

  2. Hyperlipidemia

  3. Diabetes 

  4. Cancer 

  5. Osteoporosis 

  6. Cholesterol

  7. Anti-agning 

  8. Hydrating the skin

  9. Immune system support 

Tremella mushrooms contain an enzyme that improves moisture retention in the skin which can also help with the reduction of wrinkles.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Tremella mushrooms have also been used for over two thousand years to help reduce symptoms of cough-related conditions, from asthma to dry coughs, are said to nourish the kidneys, lungs, and stomach. 

What makes Now Alchemy Different?

Now Alchemy Tremella is Certified Organic, Liposomal, and 1:1 water Extracted for purity and potency!

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