Orange juice contains a precious substance – Vitamin C. COVID treatments include this vitamin in current clinical trials.

Are Doctors Using Vitamin C Against COVID? Here Is What You Need to Know

If you are browsing for the best supplements for your well-being, you should consider selecting products that contain vitamin C. Growing up, your family doctor and your parents kept telling you how important it is to make sure that you get your daily dose of vitamin C. As you grew older, you learned that it is an effective antioxidant that fights off viruses and signs of aging. Now, there is one more reason for you to continue taking it: various clinical trials across the world use vitamin C against coronavirus.

What you must keep in mind at the present is that researchers are still learning about the coronavirus and its new strains. In parallel, they are working on devising effective treatment plans for patients in various stages of the COVID illness. In this context, no one can affirm that they use vitamin C against COVID in the sense of preventing or curing this terrible disease.

In this article, you will learn everything we know so far: how healthcare professionals use vitamin C for COVID and the precautions regarding self-administration.

What Is Vitamin C?

Before we start explaining the relationship between vitamin C and the virus that causes the COVID disease, let us tell you more about this vitamin. 

Its scientific name is ascorbic acid and it is one of the essential vitamins humans need since before birth. In the antenatal period, vitamin C helps form the blood vessels, muscles, and cartilages in the fetus. After birth, it is a powerful antioxidant that helps repair muscle damage by encouraging collagen to build up.

The recommended daily intake varies between 45 mg for babies to 90 mg for adults and as much as 120 mg for breastfeeding women. Unfortunately, our bodies do not produce vitamin C, so most of us get it from foods and supplements.

However, you cannot rely on these sources alone vitamin C for COVID, at least as far as doctors recommend at the present. Let us look at how they are currently trying to treat patients using vitamin C against coronavirus.

Vitamin C and COVID: What Doctors Have Found So Far

The fight against the current pandemic has a surprising ally: vitamin C against Coronavirus is now used in approved clinical trials.

One of the main roles of vitamin C is to fight against viruses and boost immunity. Doctors also use it in treatment schemes for patients with cancer and recommend it to fight off age related cataracts in the eyes.

These are well-known and documented uses of vitamin C. COVID, as we know now, is caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2 or by the general name of coronavirus. In this context, the capacity of vitamin C to repair tissue damage and boost the immune system is highly relevant for doctors looking for ways to treat patients. 

Vitamin C against COVID: How Might It Work

As we wrote above in this article, vitamin C for COVID is currently used in various clinical trials. The vitamin is administered to patients by intravenous (IV) drip. Thus, the solution of vitamin C enters the bloodstream directly, rising to very high levels. Taking vitamin C by mouth would drastically reduce the level while it passes through the stomach.

What we are saying is that patients receive vitamin C for COVID in very concentrated doses, which would not be safe to take by mouth. Patients included in the trials receive this course of treatment only based on a physician’s order. Here is how doctors believe vitamin C might help COVID patients:

  • The high dosage of vitamin C creates free radicals that destroy viruses and bacteria
  • The patient’s body will not suffer damage, because our cells have protection against free radicals
  • Alternately, vitamin C for COVID may renew the antioxidant protection in the patient’s body, which helps fight against infection

At the present stage, no healthcare authority or medical professional will say that there is a direct link between vitamin C and COVID treatment/prevention. Just like with any other scientific discovery, we have to wait until more data is available.

Precautions When Using Vitamin C Against Coronavirus

Please remember that the use of vitamin C for COVID is taking place in hospital settings under strict medical supervisions. The patients receive very high doses of IV vitamin C, which you cannot (and must not try) to take orally, in the form of supplements or organic elixirs.

Secondly, some patients may not be eligible to receive vitamin C against coronavirus. Various pre-existing conditions prevent doctors from administering high doses of the vitamin. Thus, every patient included in the clinical trials is screened and their medical history is carefully analyzed by doctors.

This being said, you should make strive to get your recommended daily dose of vitamin C by eating plenty of: 

  • citrus fruit (oranges, tangerines, grapefruit)
  • berries
  • potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • broccoli

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