Our Story

With every bottle of Now Alchemy you purchase, you are not only investing in your health, you are also investing in a world that supports biodynamic, organic, conscious, high vibrational wellness supplements made with integrity from seed to bottle.

Now Alchemy is providing education and alchemical nourishment to people in need everywhere, from all walks of life, through consistent, free, social media seminars, talks, and remedy giveaways. Our founder, Archer Love, believes alchemy is the relationship between consciousness and matter, and the understanding that consciousness shapes matter. This is why all of our elixirs are made with pure intention, and an awareness of not only how substances nourish the body, but also how the intention and energies of those substances nourish the spirit and soul as well. Archer formulates and creates all of our elixirs with a grounded understanding of the astral realm, aiming to harmonize all three components of the being; the vessel, mind, and consciousness. It is due to our founders friendships and partnerships with the farmers and tribes who provide our ingredients, and to the fact that we do not outsource our manufacturing and production that we are able to provide not only the highest quality elixirs, but also the lowest cost with such potent concentrations of valuable ingredients in their most ideal form of deliver. Archer believes that how you do one thing is how you do everything, and as a yogi, he is meticulous about doing everything from the heart, never sacrificing form for any type of end destination; which is why none of our elixirs are suspended in alcohol, and they are all liposomal, nanoenhanced or micellized depending on the ingredient to maximize absorption and efficacy. While other companies use chemicals and destructive short cuts to achieve these phases, our founder has spent years slowly but surely developing ways to achieve all of these states completely naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals, so that everything in this bottle is good for you.

At 18 Archer joined the United States military where he developed PTSD, which sparked the fire of his deep curiosity remedies to both psychological and physical ailments. He went on to complete the pre-med curriculum at the University of Arizona, triple majoring in Chemistry, Psychology and Nutritional Science, and conducting University funded research projects on Reiki energy healing, Parkinson's Disease, and Alzheimers.

Archer developed the state of the art Now Alchemy Absorption Technologies to provide wellness supplements that are processed in such a way to ensure that your body receives the full benefits from them, rather than just passing through your system which would waste your time, money and most importantly your health. While some other companies also have liposomal products, our founder is one of the only chemists in the world who has been able to develop ways to maximize absorption with only all natural ingredients that provide side benefits instead of side effects. This is why so many other companies use artificial flavors to mask the unpleasant taste of chemicals. Now Alchemy elixirs are organic, sustainable, sacred, ethical, and unparalleled in their delivery to the necessary sites of action.

Our mantra, “Thank you for being here”, is about acknowledging you and honoring you for taking the time to take care of your body. Your body deserves the best and the blessed. It is our Archer Love's dream to put health, and truly consciousness expanding wellness supplements into the hands of the masses, and none of it would be possible without you. Every dollar you invest into your health through Now Alchemy, is recirculated towards the mission of a healthier world, and utilized to continue research and development of the highest quality wellness supplements available. So thank you for being here, and for not only showing up for yourself, but also the collective consciousness.

In 2014 Archer became an Ormus enthusiast when he found that he healed his PTSD more than anything else he had ever discovered. Lifted by the wings of destiny, Archer founded Now Alchemy in 2014 with no money, no partners or connections, and not even a home. Despite everybody in Archer's life telling him that the world was not ready for Ormus, and that he was crazy for dedicating his life to sharing it with the masses, Archer moved forward with faith. As a homeless veteran he would make his own Ormus at the Full Circle temple in Venice Beach, CA where he was featured on ABC Nightline.

Archer's energy exchange with Full Circle was be that he would use their commercial kitchen to make Ormus in exchange for creating their tonic bar. As he began to share Ormus with the Venice Beach community, everybody loved it, and things took off from there. Now Archer has moved on to an elixir line comprising of 33 revolutionary elixirs including C60, liposomal mushrooms, and all sorts of immune supporting and anti-aging formulas. 

Archer became enthralled with Ormus due to all the peace and wholeness it had brought into his life, it's magical manifestation abilities, and the way he felt it balancing his entire system. For 5 years, Archer specialized in the alchemization of Ormus, slowly infusing it with other ancient and powerful remedies from all around the world that he would discover along the way, resonating deeply with his body, spirit and soul. By constantly seeking to improve the quality of his elixirs in every way, Archer single handedly merged ancient alchemy with modern science to developed special organic absorption enhancement technologies that far surpassed the health and wellness industries current standards, and today Now Alchemy is recognized as the global pioneer of Ormus, and high tech absorption technologies. Utilizing the shamanic connections that archer had formed from healing centered tribes, villages and cultures of all around the world, Archer sources organic, biodynamic and sustainable ingredients and combines the best techniques of each culture during the practice of manufacturing Now Alchemy elixirs in a manner that is both conscious, and meticulous. It is Archer’s life calling and greatest passion to offer people with the same remedies that he personally uses to keep his vibes high, body healthy, mind sharp and to constantly heal himself of all the tribulations this world has to offer. 

During the pandemic in 2020 Archer felt a powerfully intuitive calling to leave Los Angeles and build a sacred laboratory and shipping center on energetically clear land where Now Alchemy would always be protected from the world's occurrences. So transitioned everything over to Austin, Texas where all Now Alchemy elixirs are manufactured and shipped today out of the Alchemy Ranch that he build single handedly.

Archer Love has truly dedicated his life to bringing you the world's best, all natural, wellness enhancement elixirs and people can really feel the difference. Today Archer remains as the founder, CEO, and formulator for Now Alchemy. At the Alchemy Ranch in Austin Archer also hosts wellness retreats, cares for his goats and makes music. 

With a warm heart, we are honored to call you family, and we thank you for being here.