Our Mission

In 2013, from Los Angeles California, Now Alchemy set out to make the world a healthier place both physically and spiritually, by pioneering the highest quality nutritional supplements in the world. Today, Now Alchemy has accomplished that goal and continues to expand through education and sharing deep health with the world. 

Now Alchemy elixirs aren't just supplements, they are sacraments; not just a company, but a family.  On a mission to pionere the world with liposomal ascension tools that holistically address the entire being, as above so below, Now Alchemy is an organic nutraceutical brand merging ancient alchemy with advanced technology in formulating the world's greatest health enhancing elixirs. With formulas to help with everything from Anxiety, ADHD, immune support, viruses, libido, athletic performance, brain function, detox and even lifting your vibration and manifesting abilities, Now Alchemy addresses the mind, body and soul in support of the holy trinity with each bottle, to help you optimize your potential and live out your true purpose in a thriving state.

Now Alchemy is honored to support you along your journey with potent alchemical elixirs that truly work. 

About Us

Your Body Deserves The Best.

Now based in Austing Texas, Now Alchemy never outsources production or drop ships. Our journey began when we recognized an alarming lack of transparency in the supplement industry, with even Certified Organic products full of fillers, toxins, and synthetic ingredients. We were reluctant to take supplements because we couldn't trust them, and through lab testing came to discover that some of the products we were purchasing had literally zero amounts of the supposedly active ingredients in them. So we became passionate about solving this problem, and after years of research, Now Alchemy has built some of the most effective and reliable supplement in the world. We believe in letting food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food, but the food industry is full of so many toxic chemicals and processed jumk that it's impossible to get everything you need from a modern diets. That’s where Now Alchemy comes in. Our journey began with the passionate calling to make wholistic nutrition and easy to use remedies available to everyone, worldwide. We fill nutritional gaps and provide people with everything needed to optimize their health. We merge ancient alchemy with modern science using innovative formulas to bring you the best liposomal remedies on Earth. By combining Western Medicine techniques with Easter, Ayurvedic, and Chinese Medicine tools our formuals are truly revolutionary. Our supplements are sourced from only the absolute highest quality organic ingredients and utilize the most advanced absorption technology. Since Now Alchemy became the world leading pionere of liposomal absorption technology, many companies have tried to replicate our process and branding, but none have come close. We welcome you to give our supplements the chance to support you along your journey of optimum health.

We are rooted in our core values

Love and Positive Vibes from Some of Our Beyoutiful International Family

With every bottle of Now Alchemy, you are not only investing in your health, you are also investing in an world that supports biodynamic, organic, conscious, high vibrational wellness enhancements made with integrity from seed to bottle. Now Alchemy is a family, not just a business, and we thank you for being here.

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Now Alchemy's Liposomal Technology increases the absorption of nutritions 10x. 


Now Alchemy ingredients are all-natural, so instead of side effects you get side benefits. 


Without using any artifical sweeteners or sugars, Now Alchemy elixirs are naturally delicious.





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