Healing Cancer Naturally With pH

Healing Cancer Naturally With pH

Modern Science has made evidential breakthroughs on knowledge we have known for thousands of years. Keeping an alkaline body protects you against disease, especially cancer. Acidity is a root cause of inflammation, candida and parasite overgrowth, virus infections, and tumor growth! There are a few ways to keep the body at a healthy pH but the main key is minerals. Alkaline diets and alkaline water can be okay, but it is the minerals that really do the trick. If you are deficient in any minerals, your entire homeostasis can be thrown off, and your body can become acidic. If you are struggling with a sickness, you may find that simply supplementing with enough minerals can give your body exactly what it needs to heal you.

The mineral content in Now Alchemy Shilajit is one of the best on Earth. This is why in Russia and India, since ancient times, Shilajit has been referred to as a "heal all". It is full of literally every mineral your body could need, and then some... Shilajit is formed over the course of thousands of years from the decomposition and fermentation of plant matter in the high altitude Himalayan mountains.

If you drink coffee you should ALWAYS add 3 dropper fulls of Now Alchemy Shilajit to allow your coffee to have an alkalizing effect on your body instead of causing acidity. You can also simply add a few droppers of Now Alchemy Shilajit to water, or right under your tongue to alkalize your water and alkalize your body. Unlike with alkalizing water machines, when you add Now Alchemy Shilajit to your water the alkalinity stays, it does not diminish over time!

Now Alchemy Shilajit is perfect for a little extra energy boost before workouts, meditation, work, or anything else you want to be extra tapped in and grounded for!

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