Is Fullerenol the new and improved C60?!

Carbon 60(C60) is a special allotrope of carbon that acts as a vacuum for free radicals. Discovered by Buckminster Fuller, C60 was given the name Buckminsterfullerenes, as they are a very unique form of fullerene. Also known as buckeyballs, C60 is a soccer ball shaped sphere of 5-7 carbon atoms bonded by single and double bonds creating the potentially perfect structure for absorbing positively charged particles like heavy metals and viruses. The presence of Fullerenes were predicted by scientists for many years, until in 1985 their synthesis was accidentally achieved following their discovery in nature and outer space. In 1996 Robert Curl, Harold Kroto, and Richard Smalley, the discoverers of C60 won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. 

In 2012 Tarek Baati, with several other scientists, demonstrated C60's ability to support rats in becoming nearly immune to lethal amounts of radiation by removing oxidative toxicity from their body at such an incredible rate. The antioxidant effect of C60 on these rats nearly doubled their lifespan. 

New to the world of C60 - Now Alchemy Fullerenol!

Fullerenol is a highly water-soluble C60 derivative that can be used in medicinal researches on neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, viral infection, and drug tolerances for its properties as antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiproliferative agent. While Now Alchemy manufacturers the standard C60 suspended in olive oil that was used in the 2012 Baati study, we also offer the upgraded, water-soluble, form called "Fullerenol", shown to be an even stronger antioxidant than traditional fullerenes.  
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