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Dr. Will Cole - DC, IFMCP, leading functional medicine expert. Author Ketotarian

Now Alchemy is one of my favorite supplement brands, not only for their next-level quality nano enhanced liposomal delivery system, but also for their 24K Gold Ormus, Shilajit and many other varieties of revolutionary formulas to provide support for all aspects of your health. When it comes to calming anxiety, Now Alchemy nanoenhanced, liposomal Nirvana elixir is my favorite natural way to promote a sense of calm for my functional medicine patients as well as myself. This remedy works to lower activity in the amygdala and increase prefrontal cortex activation - the two areas of the brain involved in anxiety disorders.

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Our Favorites

  • Limitless Mushrooms

    11 certified organic, liposomal mushrooms in one.

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    Bioavailable 24K gold infused with every Oceanic mineral your body needs.

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  • Bee Magic

    Liposomal Bee super-nutrients to nourish and support your body in every way.

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  • Liposomal NAD+

    Your body's tool for naturally repairing and defending your DNA.

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Key Features

what makes now alchemy different?

  • Nano Enhanced

    Nano enhancing decreases the particle size so you can absorb all of the nutrients.

  • Liposomal Delivery

    Our genuine liposomal delivery allows these nutrients to pass the gut without being destroyed so you get all the benefits.

  • No Fillers

    Everything used in our elixirs is good for you. You can rest assured knowing that your elixirs aren't tainted with any fillers, harmful chemicals or preservatives.

  • Deliciously Subtle

    Because all ingredients are organic, you can taste the subtle, smooth, cleanliness of our elixirs.

  • 100% All Natural

    No artificial sweeteners, colors or dyes. Even our flavors are natural herbal extracts with benefits of their own.

  • Ethical & Traced

    We trace every single ingredient and visit our farmers from all around the world. We source all of our ingredients from the most ethic, highest quality, most experienced and Earth friendly farmers available.


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Our Community Feedback


I have been using Now Alchemy going on my 3rd month. I love the energy their elixirs give me. I also noticed a difference in my thought process. Interviews make me very nervous so I took some a couple hrs before mine and the jitters went away and I spoke with such confidence I landed my dream job. I truly believe the ormus had a hand in it. Oh and I’ve noticed my thinning hair line is growing back. Lol I will definitely continue. Bought my husband some for Valentines. Thanks Now Alchemy!


I just want to say you make quality stuff!!!! Really enjoy this one. As a Cancerian HSP EMPATH I can only handle like 2 to 4 drops due to sensoring overload, only if I exceed with drops. But with the right amount this stuff is magical and gives one full bliss. I guess depending on the individuals state of conscious and their personal blockages it can vary with how much drops one should consume. But, overall my dreams have been VERY vivid and coming in strong. I mean so strong I had to purchase a dream journal LOL I just feel so good!!!! Especially as a moody person! I definitely feel more confident and just alive. Thank you. Truly satisfied with my purchase.


My partner and I use Now Alchemy Ormus as a pre-meditation supplement because we used to have a hard time getting my mind to still. Since using this elixir our meditations have been profound. I usually reach a place where I just see a bright violet vortex. Its's beautiful. My dreams have been colorful, vivid and I have for the first time been able to tap into lucidity during my sleeping state, which is something I have been researching for years and was never able to achieve until Now Alchemy Ormus.


I’m loving this and I have seen a major improvement in my sleep and how I feel in general.


I've experienced incredible results with from Now Alchemy's elixirs. They promote consciousness expansion, longevity, addiction recovery, and calmness. A transformative elixir for mental and physical well-being. Highly recommended!