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For a limited time only, receive 1 free bottle of Ormus Gold with purchase of Ormus Plus. Hurry, this offer will not last long.

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Free Ormus Gold w/ Ormus Plus Purchase

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    For detoxing spike proteins, graphene oxide, heavy metals and other positively charged particles.

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    Blood Cleanse

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    Made with actual 24K gold. Now Alchemy Ormus contains every mineral, electrolyte and superconduuctive element your mind and body need to thrive.†

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    On Sale

    Ormus Gold

    As the world's pioneer of Ormus, Now Alchemy is the most trusted and reliable source of on the open market and one of the only companies in the world offering authentic Ormus. Ormus, when you can find the real thing, has been used since ancient times to decalcify the pineal gland, activate the theta state (putting you in the zone), raising our vibration, helping to manifest faster and more positive occurrences like love, success, happiness, healing and abundance, nourishing the organs and glands, and helping to keep the body in a healthy, naturally alkaline state.

    These special minerals do so much more than mentioned above. In Ayurveda this solution can be considered a "heal all". Order Now Alchemy Ormus today, and experience the magic for your self.

    Primary Ingredients: stabilized bio-available Gold • Frankincense • Myrrh • 85+ Naturally Occurring Minerals • Pure Water • Love


    Hundreds, and possibly thousands of researchers around the world are studying Golds ability to heal cancers. Gold is being used in alternative medicine to treat prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and other types of cancer by injecting micro and calculated amounts of gold into the patient’s body in order to control growth of cancerous cells.


    Antimony • Barium • Beryllium • Bismuth • Boron • Bromine • Cadmium • Calcium • Cesium • Chloride • Chromium • Cobalt  • Dysprosium • Erbium • Europium • Gadolinium • Gallium • Hafnium • Hydrogen • Holmium • Indium • Iron • Iodine • Iridium • Lanthanum • Lithium • Lutetium • Magnesium • Manganese • Molybdenum • Neodymium • Nickel • Niobium  • Phosphorus • Potassium •Praseodymium • Rhenium • Rubidium  • Samarium • Scandium • Selenium • Silicon • Silver • Sodium • Sulfur • Strontium • Tantalum • Tellurium • Terbium • Thulium • Thorium • Titanium • Tungsten • Vanadium • Ytterbium • Yttrium • Zinc • Zirconium


    It is well established that naturally occurring nano sized gold particles suspended in solution have been used in Egyptian alchemy to access higher states of awareness, intuition, telepathy, God connection, and seeing into the future. as a way to increase mental cognition, expanded consciousness, physical healing, and life extension.


    Gold is considered a noble metal in all forms of alchemy and is still being used today in modern alternative health settings to help alleviate nearly all common health issues such as arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, and tendinitis. Blood sugar imbalances, and blood circulation.


    Gold has been used to support the recover and even the reversal of substance addiction such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, nicotine, and excessive sugar cravings.


    Mood disorders, dementia, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD & ADHD are all targets for the healing benefits of Gold, as it has been commonly used for boosting brain function, sleep issues, and overall glandular/endocrine health to support the balance of hormone and neurotransmitter production and regulation.


    While Gold is healthy for your cells, it can damage the outer cell wall of bacteria and disrupt the supply of nutrients and energy to the cell, which in turn helps to destroy and remove harmful bacteria from the body. Gold has been used against parasites, viruses, fungal overgrowth, and other skin issues such as acne.

    Confidence & Will Power

    Gold has a soothing and harmonizing effect on the body, mind, and spirit and helps the body make energy, resulting in more will power, motivation, and creativity. It can be very calming to the nervous system, yet it also creates an enhanced awareness of things, and a sort of energy that can feel unstoppable. This is most likely due to Gold’s high vibration consciousnesses.

    Enhanced Moods

    It is used to improve mental and emotional well being of people suffering from a lack of mental focus.


    As gold can help to balance and regulate the hormonal and neurotransmitter production systems and glands, it is a powerful tool for those with libido issues, and can even greatly effect the libido of ordinally healthy individuals.

    Deeper Sleep

    Gold is utilized by the pineal gland, which produces melatonin and serotonin. The sleep chemical and the feel good chemical. Gold does not make people sleepy, but it will allow people to get more deep and restful sleep. Since DMT is produced in the pineal gland, Gold also helps people achieve colorful more lucid dreams, and higher states of peace. The use of gold can also help to restore balance in cases of chills, hot flashes, and night sweats, the body’s temperature stabilizing mechanism is restored to balance.

    Improved Cognitive Function

    As a natural stimulant for the cells of the body, gold improves the transmission of electrical signals between the nerve cells in the brain and increases mental alertness. This increased cellular communication causes as remarkable boost in concentration.

    Skin Care

    Gold also regenerates cellular tissues and restores their healthy elastic properties. For this reason it has been used topically to treat various skin problems such as eczema, fungal infections, skin rash, wounds, skin burns and the list goes on. Gold’s anti-aging characteristics have been known for centuries.

    Oral Health

    Archeological findings have discovered that the mineral gold has been likely used for 4,500 - 5,000 years by the ancient Egyptians for purposes of dentistry

    For Health

    Set a positive affirmation(I am statement), then apply 1 dropper full(a dropper full is about 70% of the dropper) under your tongue and hold for 15 seconds while meditating on your affirmation. Use 1-3 times per day for 90 consecutive days without stopping. Results are more noticeable on an empty stomach. Mixes easily with water, drink and food.


    Gold, in its monatomic form, exists in a high spin state where it acts as a gateway between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions. As a 4th dimensional substance, it enhances the ability to channel forms from the spirit realm(the thought realm) into the tangible realm(the physical). Therefore, while using monatomic gold, or any form of a monatomic, one must exercise great responsibility at maintain loving, compassionate, reverent thought, and speaking only positive words. For it’s high spin state amplifies the rate at which what you put out, comes back to you. Therefore, it quickens the rate of karma. Synchronistic phenomenon is enhanced, and life becomes more lucid. One begins to see very clearly that the things they thing, say, and do have energetic repercussion, and the learning process increases greatly. So while using monatomics, one begins to realize they are safe, if they are safe. They have a good life, if they are good. They attract what they give, and the are what they attract. So there is no one to blame, there is only one. This is the consciousness of monatomics. This is why I rose in love with Ormus, and is how it changed my life, and continues to change my life today. Beware of impostures and knock offs. Monatomics do not stay around negative energy, or heavy EMF fields. One of the key components make Ormus so powerful, is that it is made in a sacred laboratory anchoring high frequencies with crystal, solfeggio frequency playing 24/7, and positive affirmations. Other Ormus providers will state claims like these, now that this is public information, but beware of imposters.

    For Beauty Aid

    Apply 3 drops to the face and rub into the skin 3 times per day for 90 consecutive days before stopping. Excellent for clearing acne. (50ml / 50 Servings)

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    Shaman Durek reviews Now Alchemy Ormus

    Kat Graham

    Kat Graham shares her Now Alchemy experience.

    Ormus & Shilajit, the perfect balance. Shilajit ancient minerals derived from the highest points of Earth's Himalayan mountains and Ormus ancient minerals derived from the Earht's deap Dead Sea in Isreal. Together, these minerals do everything to bring your entire system into balance and harmony.*

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    Balance Bundle

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    Maximum Absorbtion Formulated to Optimize Effectiveness
    100% Natural Ingredients No Artificial Flavors or Additives
    Laboratory Tested All Products are 3rd Party Tested for Safety

    Meet Our Founder

    Now Alchemy is the manifestation of one passionate man's dream to create a family of wellness supplements that he could personally use, trust and share with the world.

    As a veteran who suffered from PTSD, Archer Love went on to study psychology and chemistry at the University of Arizona. This led to his studies of Ayurveda, spirituality, Chinese medicines, Alchemy and natural remedies.

    Today, all Now Alchemy elixirs are formulated and manufactured by Archer and his chemists at the Now Alchemy laboratory in Austin, Texas.

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