C60 in Austin, TX - Your Solution to 5G Radiation and EMFs

One of the best supplements to protect yourself against the harms of modern life is a rather recent discovery. We are talking about Carbon 60, or C60. Discovered by Buckminster Fuller in 1985, C60 belongs to the class of elements called fullerenes. Its structure is similar to a hollow soccer ball being formed of 5 to 7 carbon atoms connected by single and double bonds.

This type of structure of Carbon 60 is ideal for trapping free radicals and strengthening the body cells against oxidation (one of the main causes of ageing). Over the years after its discovery, C60 was the subject of various studies. 

How C60 Oil May Help Improve People’s Lives

A pioneering study conducted in 2012 involved feeding C60 to rats. The leader of the team of researchers found out that the rats included in the study almost doubled their average lifespan and did not suffer from any toxic effects after ingesting Carbon 60.

Two other studies, both conducted in 2017, found that:



Continuous research on this exceptional element evidenced its ability to protect cells against the disruptive effects of electromagnetic fields, including 5G radiation. For this reason, C60 for sale has become one of the most useful all-natural, biodynamic supplements in the modern age of mobile internet and electronic devices all around us.

What to Look for in C60 for Sale 

C60 is not as well known as other organic elixirs and supplements. For this reason, many consumers do not know exactly what to look for when they want to try C60 oil. First of all the main ingredient has various names:

  • Carbon 60 fullerene
  • Buckyball
  • Buckminsterfullerene.

A high-quality product is supported by test results from an independent laboratory, which confirms the quality and safety of the C60 powder suspension.

Try the Benefits of C60 from a Trusted Producer

Now Alchemy believes in integrity in everything we do. From idea to bottle, everything is made in-house, with zero supply chain costs. Our C60 elixirs are made only with high-quality ingredients, including organic extra virgin oil and natural sweeteners (organic stevia).

We are located in Austin, TX, but we encourage anyone to contact us to find out more about our products!